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Planning a Bachelorette Party in Nashville??

 Nashville has become the #1 destination for bachelorette parties.  The reason is simple: great music, fun energy and plenty of southern hospitality.  But if you aren't familiar with the city, planning an entire bachelorette weekend in Nashville can be overwhelming .  This site is designed to help you with the planning process, complete with Nashville bachelorette weekend ideas and recommendations and resources to make your event memorable.

Where to Start

Whether your Nashville Bachelorette Party is a last minute epiphany or months in the making, you'll want to start with accommodations.  Next, you will want to develop an itinerary with a few planned activities.

Be Flexible

The best thing about Nashville is the casual pace and the fabulous music.  Leave a little free time in your weekend to just wander and explore.

Start Planning...

What to do

Top Nashville Bachelorette Activities

Where to Stay

Choosing the Best Accommodations for your Group

Where to Eat

Find the best and hottest eateries in Music City

Lay of the Land



All  the major honkytonks, along with the business district, are located in  lower Broadway area of downtown, also referred to as "LoBro".  4th  Ave. at Broadway is probably the center of that area.  The new Music  Center Convention Center is about two blocks south of Broadway, as is the  Country Music Hall of Fame. 2nd Ave crosses Broadway and is one block  from our Riverfront Park.  There are only 1-2 bars (and an outstanding  hostel) on 1st Ave. Most of the action is on 2nd Ave and Broadway.  2nd  Ave is the historic area of downtown. The buildings are well over 200  years old. Very close to LoBro is the Gulch area which is new and  trendy.  You can access the Gulch from LoBro by foot, but it's a  difficult walk.  You can also use the Music City Green Circuit, which is a free shuttle that runs continuously from the Riverfront to the Gulch. 


 The  next leading area to visit is "Midtown" which includes the Vanderbilt  area, Music Row, Hillsboro Village, Belmont, and West End.  There are lots of hotels, restaurants and  bars in this area.  It's only 1-2 miles from downtown and can be walked  on a pretty day.  You will see less tourists in Midtown and most of the  bars have live music, as well, but don't start as early as the touristy downtown area.

Music Row is the business side of the Country Music industry--lots of office buildings, recording studios but no bars.  


East  Nashville, 12th Ave, and Germantown  are other pockets of trendy bars  and restaurants that are within 3-4 miles of downtown. There are no  hotels in these communities, but lots of AirBNB and VRBO rentals.  The  only other large areas for hotels are Opryland Hotel area (8 miles away  with zero nightlife) and airport area (8 miles away and zero  nightlife),  While the Franklin/Brentwood community has lots of hotels,  restaurants, shopping and bars, and is lovely for a 1/2 day trip, 25  miles is kind of far from the action of downtown.